Sunday, 15 April 2012

Fanny's Bazaar!!

I have been really poor at updating my blog and I have many posts to follow this one but I thought that for my returning post I would share my love for colour, print and all things Bazaar!! I confess that I have battled with my identity when it came to knowing just what my actual design 'Style' is and this is because I feel I have such eclectic tastes in everything from music to fashion and basically I do just *LOVE* pretty much a bit of everything! and when I left college and was flung into the big wide world on my own I thought 'ok what is my style, what will my design brand look like'??!! And because I think that as a designer it is important to have a strong and memorable 'look' that people will know instantly that it was *you* who designed it. And knowing from looking at my college projects just how all of my work was soooo very different from one another (and still is now-ish!) I felt very frustrated and didn't know which way to go!! But with a little (Massmungus) help from my friends I realised that it was ok to be *Eclectic* and that it doesn't matter if my design style from one pattern to another are completely different because that's who I am and how I work (Eclectic, Dysfunctional, Daydreamy, and everything in between!!) so that was a relief to know!! So three (dithering, dillydallying) years later I am here and I have finally found what my design 'Style' is (or a style I have stolen to use to describe my 'Eclectismismnesses!!) and that is *BAZAAR* oooooooh!!! YESSSS I have a place where I might fit into!! so anyway after all that I am now going to add some Bazaar style pics that will show you what I actually mean and I hope you find them as inspiring as I do :) x x x x

So what is Bazaar style? well to me it is lot's of things like different Colours, Cultures, Era's, Patterns, Textures, Quirkiness, Vintage, Ethnic, New, Old and basically whatever you might like all thrown together! I also think it is quite a creative style using unconventional items to store things in or to decorate with, it goes on and on!! But I just think it's a happy,warm and fun style full of treasures!!

I love the colours and varied patterns all thrown casually together :)

It is so quirky and fun and you can be really creative with it x 

I would love to go to the market in Morocco! Just how amazing is this display!!

The use of colour and antique furniture and pictures is just lovely, it must take along time to collect all of these treasures! I have some which are being stored in my shed for when I one day have a house big enough to put them in but still I definitely do not have anything near as beautiful as this ....YET!!!

I think it is a *MAGICAL* style where anything goes :)

Look at this wallpaper!! I have to find out where you can buy this!!


Indian fabrics yumyumyum!!

I love the painted pictures on the wall especially the cat one it's so cute and cosy!!

:) :) :) :) :) 

Designs by Selina Lake so beautiful! x x



If like me you are loving the Bazaar style then here are two books that I think would be a good start to finding your very own Bazaar style :) x

And I have found an amazing Blog dedicated to the Bazaar style  where I will definitely be visiting daily!..

And they say... 
Bright Bazaar....because beige is boring... love it!!

Until tomorrow...BIGLOVE X

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