Monday, 23 July 2012

The Little House Martin Studio!

I have been busy creating designs for my new collection of prints which I am now selling on my Etsy shop and have been printing them in my new studio which is at the place I work at My lovely boss Claire @ was kind enough to let me have the spare room in the shop to make into my very own *Littlehousemartin studio which I have since been making into a lovely space to print and create in :) x and it really is lovely, I am so lucky!! so here are a few peeks at my studio and some of my new printed fabrics :) x

I painted all of the walls white and the floor a willow green colour and I am slowly bringing in *pretties* to adorn the space and to bring lot's more colour and cosiness!!

This is my printing table which my good old pops made for me and it's just perfect :)

My very lovely cabinet where I store allsorts of goodies!

And this is where I will be keeping all of my printed wares! The prints on the bottom shelf are the new collection of prints :)

Here is a Melody Miller designed fabric which I put into an embroidery hoop and a wool cone which has my printed fabrics in turquiose green wrapped around it :)

My new home thelittlehousemartin studio :)......


  1. Hi Leanne, Popping over via Lu @ Summersville lovely post about you. Your colours are just gorgeous - they also make me drool. You are so lucky to have such a gorgeous creative space (and such an accommodating boss!). I look foward to seeing more of what you do. Keri

  2. Thankyou Keri :) i am very lucky aren't I!! I count my blessings everyday!! Thankyou for your kind words I am very much excited for the future, I have so much I would like to do I almost don't know where to start!! Please come visit again,thanks for commenting x Leannefanny x

  3. Hi Leanne. I found you on your prints! I'm hoping you'll list some little multi-coloured bundles (hint, hint) :) xx

  4. Thank you!! Because of you and Karen inspiring me I will definitely be listing some 'rainbow' bundles ASAP!!! Oh my I am super excited!! See you again soon professor ;0) x x x